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Knowing your worth – and charging for it!

Know Your Worth

The Importance of Knowing your Worth I often hear people saying that they have a ‘little’ business, almost like it’s a hobby or they are embarrassed to admit they are a business owner.  But why do this?  Why hide your light under a bushel? Is it because you don’t know your worth? Starting and running […]

What is Ethical Banking?

what is ethical banking?

What is Ethical Banking?  You might have heard the term, but what does it really mean? This blog will help you understand what ethical banking is all about and why it matters for small businesses. It will guide you on how to choose an ethical bank, what ethical banking services are available, and how to […]

Our Values: Live Life

Our Values Live Life

Live Life is our favourite value.  This brings everything together and you can see how our values work in supporting our business goals.   Live life We’re about knowing what you want out of life and going for it. Fresh Clarity is flexible, authentic, real; we seek out connection and experience while we’ve got the […]

Our Values: Sustainability


This month, we want to tell you about our next value: Sustainability. This isn’t an attempt to sound ‘trendy’, but a clear focus for businesses to thrive. Sustainability We ensure your business is built in a sustainable way, consistently moving along with your plans for the long term. Financial sustainability is really important beyond yourself […]

Our Values: Collaboration

Fresh Clarity team culture

Values are important to us at Fresh Clarity.  They give us a clear direction and framework to work with.  Values in business will help to ensure everyone can make decisions and is working towards the same goal.  When you have an accountant with the same values, working together will be a breeze!  We want to […]

Our Values: How to Make a Positive Impact

How to make a Positive Impact

Do you want to make a positive impact on others? Are you working with like-minded people? How does it make you feel when dealing with people who don’t share your hopes and values? It’s important as a business to have a set of values that can be shared with all your employees, so that everyone […]

How to get back your time

How to get back your time

When you started your care business did you imagine that you’d get to make a difference doing something you enjoy, work how you wanted and have time for yourself? In reality, are you wearing all the hats? Are you doing everything – HR, IT, marketing and finance – with no time to enjoy the tasks […]