Our Values: Live Life

Our Values Live Life

Live Life is our favourite value.  This brings everything together and you can see how our values work in supporting our business goals.


Live life

We’re about knowing what you want out of life and going for it. Fresh Clarity is flexible, authentic, real; we seek out connection and experience while we’ve got the chance. We want to fill our hearts with what’s good for us; that spirit feeds right back into our work with you, our clients.  


You will have set up your business, not to make a quick buck, but to improve your quality of life for the long term.  In the homecare sector, your business is improving the quality of other people’s lives as well as supporting the community.  It’s important that your business keeps going for the long-term support of your clients.

If you’ve been in business for a while, chances are that you have changed how this now looks to you.  Initially, you wanted to be your own boss and not have the restrictions that come with working for someone else, you are in control.  You possibly thought you could do it better than you had seen it done too.

But are there elements of the business that are a struggle? Employing staff and having other demands on your time? You still love your business, but somehow it is now owning you rather than the other way around.

How we ensure that we as a team can live our lives pulls together the elements from all the values so if you’ve read our previous blogs you will see how this all fits together.

The ways we live life are by:

#Deciding what’s important to you and how you live life

#Do you need to do everything?

#Your processes and systems

#Taking action

These will also help you focus on what values you have too.  If this is not something you have thought about from a business perspective, it really is a great way to focus on where your business is heading, how you want to be ‘seen’ in the industry and for staff to understand your expectations.  this is turn helps you to recruit and retain the right staff.

#Decide what’s important to you and how you live your life

To you.  Not what others or society think you should be doing.  What makes you happy? What do you love doing? It doesn’t have to be work specific, what hobbies do you love?

Perhaps your business is also your passion, it’s what you love to do.

“Life balance is a subjective concept. You may love spending most of your time at work, and that’s fine; there’s no need to feel guilty about being dedicated to your job. As long as you feel happy and balanced, there’s no need to change!” Mindtools.com

As part of our Sustainability blog last month, we talked about how important people are in your business and that we had a team exercise looking at what we each wanted personally.  If this is something you’d like to do with your team, get in touch with us to find out more.


#Do you need to do everything?

How do you use your time?  We’ve covered this in our blog “How to get your time back”.  Remember, if you’re not there, does the business stop?  Things might not be done how you would have done them, which leads us to…..


#Do you have clear processes and systems?

If you know us, you’ll know we love a documented process!  See our blog on Collaboration. Working with us, you will see that we put in place systems to streamline how we work with you.  By ensuring that you understand how and why these are in places makes everything less painful! You don’t feel like we are nagging you for information and you know when to expect things as deadlines will easily be met.


#Take action!

Less thinking, more doing. This also links to our point on Embracing Risk in our Make a Positive Impact blog.  It’s easy to remain in our comfort zone ‘because it’s always been done this way’, but it’s important to regularly reassess what you do and why.  Those processes and systems we love – we regularly take stock and check they are still working for us and our clients.


When we find a business owner whose values and purpose align with ours, we want to work with them.  It makes working together more productive and fun. If your homecare business has values fit ours, take a look at our website to see how we can work together.

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