Our Values: How to Make a Positive Impact

How to make a Positive Impact

Do you want to make a positive impact on others? Are you working with like-minded people? How does it make you feel when dealing with people who don’t share your hopes and values?

It’s important as a business to have a set of values that can be shared with all your employees, so that everyone knows what you stand for. It gives clear guidance for their work and to be able to make the right decisions.

As a business owner in the care sector, you have chosen to positively impact the lives of the clients you support, so that they can remain happy and safe in their own homes. You make sure your team are happy and create a positive working environment in a stressful and demanding role. And you are making a positive impact on the communities that you work in. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like this. It can be a struggle to keep focus on your values when getting through each day.

Here at Fresh Clarity, we have 4 values that define who we all are and what we do. Our first and founding value is to Make a positive impact.

This is our purpose. We know we have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. We show the impact of our expertise through clear consistent processes and we’re not afraid to adapt and change and we choose our clients based on the positive impact they have on their businesses, big or small.

Making a positive impact is a way of life for the team too; Beth volunteers at her local youth club, paying forward the opportunities she gained from her youth club past, giving back is important to Kim who raises money for Severn Hospice and Marie works with local community groups in Wem. The ways of making a positive impact don’t have to be great big gestures. Often this comes so naturally to us that it’s not obvious and hard to even put into words, but here are some of the ways we show it:

1. Sharing knowledge and skills
2. Inspiring action
3. Treating people with respect
4. Being committed to improvement in ourselves and others
5. Embracing risk

The things we do, how we communicate and the processes we use, all reflect this desire to make a positive impact.

# Sharing knowledge and skills

We share our knowledge, not only about accounting functions and regulations, but also about how we work as a small business. These key skills around processes and ways of working are transferable. We also want to learn from you: How do you work as a small business owner? What software do you use that we could utilise to save time? How do you keep your team happy?

# Inspiring Action

We inspire action through our regular catch-up meetings with our clients, and we ask about your bigger hopes and dreams. Then we will help you work towards those goals and work out an action plan between us to get you there. This accountability gives focus and clarity on where you are now and what you are working for. For us, we love to see you achieve the great things you desire! This makes us happy.

# Treating people with respect

You know that you have to treat your clients with dignity and respect so treating people this way seems obvious to you.  But sometimes respecting people’s time or work doesn’t happen. We have Rules of the Game that we ask our clients to agree to so that we’re all happy with how we communicate with each other and the expectations from all parties.

# Being committed to improvement in ourselves and others

At Fresh Clarity, we are committed to improvement in ourselves and others. If an issue does arise, we will address it. Being a small team, we can quickly change our processes or systems to ensure everything works efficiently. The whole team at Fresh Clarity is currently undertaking further work-based training alongside our jobs.  This will maximise our potential and create even more enjoyment in the work that we do. Just as important, we want to help you improve in any areas that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

# Embracing risk

Embracing risk is a tricky one that we are working on here too! Self-doubt and imposter syndrome often creep in. We are trying to change how we think of risk and to see it as a chance to try something new and if it doesn’t work, take the lessons from it. As the saying goes, “It’s better to have tried and failed than not have tried at all”.  Are you willing to take a risk on an idea? Have you considered talking to your accountant about it? It doesn’t have to be financially related.  If your accountant is a small business owner too, they should be able to help.

Look out for our blog posts where we share our ideas and practical tips to help your business. https://freshclarity.co.uk/insight/ Please get in touch if you have suggestions to help us too!

When we find a business owner whose values and purpose align with ours, we want to work with them. It makes working together more productive and fun. If your values match ours, take a look at our website to see how we can work together. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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