When a business exists to improve people’s lives, it should thrive

The finance team you need to deliver incredible services.

Fresh Clarity Team

With work like yours, you want a finance team with the right kind of values


Make a positive impact

We know we have an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives. We show the impact of our expertise through daily micro-improvements and/or total transformation.


We ensure your business is built in a sustainable way, moving along with your plans for the long-term. We don’t want to just keep you afloat, we want real longevity for your business.


We’re peopley people. We learn how you work, what excites you and what brings you fear. We listen to your big, scary, wonderful vision and we make you feel prepared enough to go for it.

Live life

We believe you’ve got to go for it in life. We encourage our team to fill their hearts with what’s good for them because that spirit feeds right back into their work with our clients.

Meet the team

Marie Donaldson, Founder, Fresh Clarity Limited
Marie Donaldson – Director

Marie founded Fresh Clarity after feeling businesses were missing out on the support and advice they deserved. Her aim has always been to run a firm that operates in a down-to-earth and non-judgemental way, while being flexible and maximising the use of technology. Having worked in and with the social care sector for 15+ years, Marie wants to make a difference in a sector that is often undervalued but filled with truly amazing people. When she’s not helping clients achieve their goals through regular coaching and business planning, Marie loves spending time with her family and friends and supporting her boys. Her love of helping others extends beyond humans, saying she’d be caring for orangutans in Borneo if she weren’t heading up Fresh Clarity. Luckily it’s a few more years before primates will need any accounting support, so we’ve got Marie for a bit longer!

Beth Ruscoe, Finance Business Partner, Fresh Clarity
Beth Ruscoe – Finance Business Partner

Beth’s mission is to build relationships that go beyond just numbers. She gives clients peace of mind by ensuring they’re fully compliant with HMRC and meeting Companies House requirements. Beth is passionate about spreading kindness and compassion within the team, her clients and to others. Outside of work, Beth volunteers at her local youth club, paying forward the opportunities she gained from her own youth club past. When she’s not helping in the community, you can find Beth fueling her soul with meditation and getting lost in nature with her dog Archie.

Kim Robbins Finance Business Partner, Fresh Clarity
Kim Robbins – Finance Business Partner

Helping others is in Kim’s blood. A former first responder, now she uses her powers-of-good to give clients the data and support they need to excel. After popping into the office to complete her tax return, she fell in love with the firm and joined the Fresh Clarity team in 2017. Giving back is important to Kim, often raising money for the local charities that helped her mum through her cancer journey. She holds her family very close. So close, in fact, she lived in a caravan with her kids and husband for 4.5 years while their house was being built (it’s now finished and everyone survived!).

Louise Donaldson, Marketing Assistant, Fresh Clarity
Louise Donaldson – Customer Success Advocate

Louise’s aim is to make sure clients receive the best possible customer experience when working with us. When she joined the team, Louise realised she had a work-life balance she simply hadn’t had before. It’s now her mission to help small business owners enjoy that same balance by relieving the weight that comes with running a company. She loves any opportunity to learn, often saying “every day is a school day”! When she isn’t learning new details on everything from software to design, you can find her flexing her creative muscles with a spot of crocheting. She’s an experienced traveller, but has now swapped Spain and Singapore for Shropshire soil. Literally – she loves gardening!

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