We’re Award Winners!

Champion Firm for the Year Award 2023

We are proud to announce we are an Award Winning Accounting firm!  

We have won the Champion Firm of the Year 2024 – beating 50 other accountancy firms across the country. 


Marie says: 

“I never enter awards as I always think there’s more to do. Which is terrible I know as I should celebrate what we have already achieved”.

Little did I know that attending The Accountants BootCamp would result in me having to stand on stage and talk about Fresh Clarity in front of so many accountants that I have looked up to since starting on this journey.

I started the business from a blank piece of paper, and just built what I thought was the right approach. This is the first time I have stood on stage and really talked about what the purpose of Fresh Clarity really is, no slides just me being me.

“I want Fresh Clarity to be the team that helps to raise the bar in the care sector”

Taking this award back to the team has really given us the push we needed to be bolder, shout more about what we do and stand by our purpose.”

Obviously we didn’t win this award overnight.  It’s over years of heard work and dedication to our clients. And it’s working with you, our clients, who inspire us and challenge us every day.

This award isn’t just a shiny trophy; it’s a symbol of what we can achieve when we work together.

Are you a homecare business owner and want to work with an Award Winning accountancy firm?  Start your journey with us here 

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