Our Accounting Packages


Whatever stage of the journey you’re at with your business, Fresh Clarity have three accountancy and business support packages to suit your goals. Browse our packages below to find the one that’s right for you, or book a Discovery Call with us to get matched up.



Get total peace of mind that your finances and taxes are taken care of.

Whether you’ve just started out or you’ve been running for some time, accurate bookkeeping and a solid finance function is the foundation of any business.

Worrying about keeping track of your accounts and completing your taxes accurately and on time is enough to keep any business owner awake at night.

Bookkeeping is out of your comfort zone, but you do it yourself anyway. Soon, you realise you’re spending so long doing it that there’s no time for the parts of running a business you actually enjoy.

Or you try to do too much and end up missing deadlines, losing receipts and forgetting due payments. If that sounds familiar and you’d like to know that everything’s taken care of, Fulfil is for you.

Download our Fulfil Accountancy Package brochure.



Get total clarity on where you business is, and build the foundations for success.

Lots of businesses are set up by people who have never run a business before, but are deeply passionate about the services they provide.

It’s very common, but it can create two problems. You try to figure things out for yourself and don’t really know what you’re looking at, or you rely on a bank balance to see how business is going. 

Neither of these approaches give you the right foundations to develop a successful, stable business in the long term. You’ll still be constantly worrying about having enough cash to cover payroll, and making decisions day-to-day without fully understanding and measuring the impact.

If that sounds like you, then you need Focus.

Download our Focus Accountancy Package brochure.



Create the future you really want, for your business and your life.

A few years after starting up, many business owners find themselves lost. They’re going through the motions with no direction and working long hours.

As time goes by, the mounting pressure of running a business means they’ll find it harder to survive without firm foundations and a clear plan in place.

Future is a hands-on business and accounting support package designed to transform your business into what it needs to be.

You’ll get direction, a positive mindset, a clear understanding of what’s held you back, an actionable plan and complete financial confidence. With Focus, you can move forward into the future you really want.

Download our Future Accountancy Package brochure.

Ready to start your journey?


If you’re ready for fresh clarity in your business, have a chat with one of our friendly team on a free 15-minute Discovery Call. We’ll talk through your business and show you how we can provide the accounting support you need – so you can get back to the parts of running a business you love.