Do you really understand why your business exists for your customers? And do your team and clients understand it? 

When we ask business owners ‘why’ they do what they do – they often look at us like we’ve asked the most obvious question ever. We often get the answer: ‘to make money’.

But when we delve a little deeper, we often find their true ‘why’ – and it’s never just to ‘make money’.

Your ‘why’ forms the centre of The Golden Circle – a concept developed by Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why.


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle challenges us to examine the emotional core of what makes our team and customers buy into a company. The next layer is your ‘how’ and the outer layer is your ‘what’.

Everyone knows what they do, some know how they do it, but few actually know why. Success is more likely when we think, act and communicate from the inside out, starting with why.

Your ‘why’ is simply the most important message for marketing your business. It’s your purpose.


A clear message

You should be able to articulate this in seven words or less and it should be broad enough to reflect what you do but not be specific to your current product or service offering. In other words, your purpose should still apply in 100 years.

Consider Tesla’s purpose as an example: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. This doesn’t limit them to electric vehicles and allows for growth opportunities within the whole sustainable energy industry.


Defining ‘how’ and ‘what’

When you’ve defined your ‘why’, you can then move to the next layer of The Golden Circle – ‘how’.

Your ‘how’ is your unique selling proposition; what makes you different from your competitors. In other words, how you deliver on your ‘why’.

Perhaps yours oozes quality, delivery speed, cost effectiveness or other reasons why a customer should choose you. Your ‘how’ is what customers can expect every time they do business with you.

The final layer of the circle is your ‘what’. This is obvious to your team and your customers – the products or services you sell. It’s easier to articulate than your ‘how’ or ‘why’, hence most businesses focus on this first.


A deeper purpose

Now let’s be honest. Just knowing and articulating your ‘why’ isn’t going to mean your business will be an instant success.

But by focusing on your ‘why’, you’ll develop an emotional connection with your customers; and they’re likely to buy based on emotion.

By acting, thinking and communicating from the inside of The Golden Circle out, you’ll attract the right customers and team members who will become raving advocates.

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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek